About Blårock

Trends come and go. Blårock, on the other hand, has existed since January 1991, and has since been Northern Norway's only proper, rock'n'roll venue.

In addition to the concerts that have been here (see its own list), the pub has been a regular supplier of rock'n'roll since its inception; via its own DJs, an impeccable hamburger kitchen and walls adorned with rock'n'roll relics - including signed posters and records featuring celebrities such as Johnny Cash, The Ramones, The Hives, REM, Turboneger, Frank Zappa, Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen, Roky Erickson, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Blues Explosion, The Pogues, The Smiths and of course The King Himself - Elvis Presley (+ many more). A separate section is also set aside for signed photos by poster and cover designer Frank Kozik.


Practical information

We use the best local ingredients with high back from beef from Mydland, and burger bread from Steike Godt!
At concerts, the kitchen tends to have closed during the concert itself.
All allergens are listed in our menu. Check out our menu here: Menu.

Bus numbers 42, 33 and 34 run with frequent departures from Nerstranda and Fiskergata. Check TromsReise for timetables. 

We recommend using your legs, it is a short way to most things in the city center.

We have gift cards, they can be bought at the bar downstairs (does not apply to drinks).

We have student prices at the bar and 20% on all food on the menu!  

Most of our events have an 18-year age limit due to alcohol sales. We have guardianship arrangements at some events, contact us for more information!

The following rules apply to guardianship arrangements:
• The guardian must be 25 years of age and have a parent or other guardian relationship with the minor.
• The guardian must be sober during the entire stay at Blårock.
• The guardian must identify himself and fill in the guardianship contract upon arrival at Blårock.
• A guardian can be responsible for a maximum of 2 minors.
• Minors and / or guardians who arrive at Blårock drunk will be rejected.

Gurdianship contract.

We only staff the locker room at selected concerts, storage of clothes is thus at your own risk.

We accept accompanying documents. Cardholder must redeem ticket, and one companion can be accompanied free of charge. Companion cards must be presented upon admission to the event.

We have a separate storage box for forgotten clothes. Contact us on FB messenger if you have forgotten something, not email.

Find Us


Strandgata 14,

9008 Tromsø

Contact Us

Phone number: 77 61 00 20

Email : blarock@blarock.no

Opening Hours

MON-FRI 11:30 – 02:00

FRI-SAT 11:30 – 03:30

SUNDAY 13:00 – 02:00